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A cataract is a clouding of the eye's natural lens, which lies behind the iris or colored portion of the eye. As cataracts develop, vision becomes hazy like looking through a cloudy piece of glass. Increased glare from lamps and halos from oncoming headlights are also common symptoms. (pics)

Great News! Cataracts can easily be removed and vision restored. Our unique, individualized cataract surgical procedure has NO PAIN, NO BLOOD, and NO STITCHES. Ask your friends; most likely we have helped many of them.

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  • Mr. BellDuring my exam, Dr. Pittman diagnosed and explained the reason I have always had a horrible time adjusting to new glasses. I love this pair of glasses...and they were right the first time!

    Mr. Bell

  • Mrs. BellI thought I could never again wear contacts because I suffered from severe eye allergies. Dr. Pittman diagnosed a tear film dysfunction and we now easily manage it so that I can once again enjoy the freedom of contact lenses.

    Mrs. Bell

  • HollyI love my vision since LASIK


  • Professional Eye CareDuring a routine eye exam, Dr. Pittman diagnosed a cancerous lesion that was promptly removed and repaired by Dr. Ghazi. We are fortunate to have such excellent physicians practicing in Hinesville.

    Mr. Lundquist

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