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Pediatric Exams

Pediatric Exams

We are excited to offer a separate lobby and exam rooms dedicated to children.

Dr. Pittman has a special interest in children's vision because 80% of a child's learning during the first twelve years of life involves the eyes. Vision involves much more than simply reading 20/20 on the pediatrician's or school nurse's eye chart. Experts state that 25% of school age children experience vision problems. If your child is struggling with schoolwork, this could be an indication of a vision problem. Early identification of a child's vision problem is crucial. If left untreated, some childhood vision problems can cause permanent vision loss.

During your child's pediatric eye exam, we will preform a complete health check of the eye in addition to specific vision tests tailored to the child's individual needs and age.

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  • Professional Eye CareDuring a routine eye exam, Dr. Pittman diagnosed a cancerous lesion that was promptly removed and repaired by Dr. Ghazi. We are fortunate to have such excellent physicians practicing in Hinesville.

    Mr. Lundquist

  • Mrs. BellI thought I could never again wear contacts because I suffered from severe eye allergies. Dr. Pittman diagnosed a tear film dysfunction and we now easily manage it so that I can once again enjoy the freedom of contact lenses.

    Mrs. Bell

  • HollyI love my vision since LASIK


  • Mr. BellDuring my exam, Dr. Pittman diagnosed and explained the reason I have always had a horrible time adjusting to new glasses. I love this pair of glasses...and they were right the first time!

    Mr. Bell

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