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Rigid Gas Permeable Contacts

Our corneal topographer performs a computerized mapping of the cornea to provide a custom contact lens fit that allows for increased performance and comfort.

Keratoconus is a progressive disease of the cornea that causes the cornea to become thin and weak. As keratoconus progresses, the quality of vision deteriorates. In the past, the only option for some patients was invasive eye surgery such as a corneal transplant. Our equipment allows a computerize mapping and detailed analysis of the cornea to provide a custom contact lens fit to control degeneration and restore visual acuity.

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  • Mr. BellDuring my exam, Dr. Pittman diagnosed and explained the reason I have always had a horrible time adjusting to new glasses. I love this pair of glasses...and they were right the first time!

    Mr. Bell

  • HollyI love my vision since LASIK


  • Mrs. BellI thought I could never again wear contacts because I suffered from severe eye allergies. Dr. Pittman diagnosed a tear film dysfunction and we now easily manage it so that I can once again enjoy the freedom of contact lenses.

    Mrs. Bell

  • Professional Eye CareDuring a routine eye exam, Dr. Pittman diagnosed a cancerous lesion that was promptly removed and repaired by Dr. Ghazi. We are fortunate to have such excellent physicians practicing in Hinesville.

    Mr. Lundquist

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